Everything You Need To Know About VisualCV

Strategic Question 1

Question: What are some immediate and practical ways you can imagine to raise awareness of those in your business, organization, and ecosystem about the power of monetizing and multiplying network effects? (66)

Answer: Although VisualCV allows its users to share their resume with everyone, resumes are more effectively shared with other VisualCV members. Certain privacy settings restrict the viewing of VisualCV resumes. The Public setting not only allows a resume to be shared with anyone online, but allows the resume to appear in online searches. This is not attractive to a lot of VisualCV members, so in order to maintain a desired privacy level, the more VisualCV members to share with, the better!

By allowing members to have the option of sharing with anyone and everyone free of charge is a good strategy to develop a large clientele. An option that could be looked into, however, in order to gain more members is to offer sharing on a monetary basis. For example, members can use the service for free, but there could be a limit with how many non-members can view their resume. After 10 free public views, VisualCV could start to charge for their service. Having a free service originally should be an incentive for everyone to join. In addition, there could be incentives that persuade members to recommend the VisualCV service, and for every new joiner they recommended, the member could receive a free nonmember resume share.

Also, partnering with another service such as a different resume site or recruiting network, could open up increased member possibilities. VisualCV already allows links to be put on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and the option to create a VisualCV button to be placed on various websites and blogs. Maybe offering a service where VisualCV can combine with, say, Monster Inc. to recruit more Monster members to use their resume services would help increase public awareness.


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