Everything You Need To Know About VisualCV

Strategic Question 2

Question: Does this collaboration leave room for new and different ways to work together, especially with a larger group or ecosystem of partners? (154)

Answer: Resumes used to be typed up on a single sheet of paper displaying all of one’s competitive work skills. They were given to employers in response to a job opening and seen by only a few people (the applicant, the human resources department, and the department head looking to hire). Thanks to VisualCV, however, resumes have become more than just a single piece of paper. Parts of a resume or one that includes all possible personal skills can be uploaded to the site, and technological enhancements can be made. Not only is there the option to spice up a resume with videos, but they can be shared between and searched by friends, colleagues, and even possible future employers. External sites, portfolios, and work can be linked through the VisualCV resume; videos, images, and audio clips can be attached to the sidebar of the resume. Combining options otherwise unheard of in the job recruiting industry allows endless possibilities of showing off skills to a potential future employer.

VisualCVs can also be shared between other VisualCV members, and/or with companies, whether they themselves are VisualCV members or not. VisualCVs can be updated and shared with friends on various social networking sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Your personal LinkedIn profile can be uploaded to your VisualCV to provide easy access between both social networks. In addition, contacts from Facebook, LinkedIn, and personal address books can be contacted and invited to your VisualCV page.

As more and more social networks begin to grow and become popular, VisualCV can allow the connection and sharing capabilities between the new and emerging sites. This will allow for better networking channels and allow one in the business world to remain in contact with former colleagues and new, potential employers.


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