Everything You Need To Know About VisualCV

Strategic Question 3

Question: If you considered positive network effects as a fundamental strategy…what specific implications would it have for how you run your business and compete? (66)

Answer: Assuming that positive network effects are a primary strategy for VisualCV, recruiting the most members and collaborative sites will only enhance the opportunities offered to users. The more popular VisualCV is, the more people will turn to it for recruitment opportunities. Popular job recruiting and posting sites that contain resumes are Monster.com and CareerBuilder.com. Although these sites are extremely trusted and turned to first when a resume needs to be found, they are limited in what they can offer their members. The extra features like a video or an audio clip that can be added to a VisualCV may be intimidating at first to those unfamiliar with VisualCV’s service. They may not believe that it is part of a valid resume. The more well known VisualCV is, the more accepting and trusting its users will be, and the more appealing these options will be to the business community.

Collaborating with popular networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn is a good start to recruiting as many members to the site, but expanding to an agreement with all networking sites would greatly help to increase awareness of VisualCV. The more members that become aware of VisualCV and its services from the trusted sites they already use will be helpful to VisualCV. These members will be inclined to check out VisualCV and almost certainly trust it as well and become a member. The more members VisualCV has, the more people to share and collaborate with. People do not like the idea of having their profile “public”, or able to be searched on the web. For this reason, a lot of members choose to dictate who their resume is viewed by. A “member” setting can be viewed by solely members; an “internet” setting can be viewed by anyone with an internet connection. The option of keeping personal information private, like a home address and a telephone number, is important when offering online collaborative services. Advertising the cautious steps VisualCV takes to ensure privacy would be desirable for members, and for members to recruit all of their friends and families to join (in relation to the “member” privacy setting).


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