Everything You Need To Know About VisualCV

Tatical Question 1

Question: Is there an opportunity to charge for service? Can charges be structured?

Answer: Currently VisualCV is free to all its users and the founder claims that it will always be free. However, after looking at the business model it’s easy to see the potential profits that VisualCV could see if they charged their customers. In a business world where people seem to never be able to find enough time, have increasing distractions are always interrupted, its simple to see why the days where recruiters were reading multi-page resumes are gone. A candidate needs to have a resume that highlights who they are and what they’re good at in an easy and convenient format that allows a recruiter to pick up on these key facts within seconds. One blogger nailed this when they said “your resume needs to be sharply focused, compelling, and entirely relevant.”

VisualCV allows its users to easily display relevant information for each job their applying to by letting the user create more than one version of their resume. This way a candidate can have multiple specific resumes. Users are also able to use multimedia in their resumes whether that is graphics, photographs, charts, graphs, video, audio clips, and attachments such as recommendation letters or an example of one’s work. This means that users can use other websites such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Slideshare, etc to add content to their resume. Because VisualCV offers these additional options it differentiates itself from other resume building programs. These advantages create value for VisualCV and it would allow them to charge customers who want to use their tools to create their resume. In this scenario they could create a free membership that allows a user to create one resume with limited multimedia and then a premium membership that has a fee but offers unlimited options for all of VisualCV’s services. They could follow a similar business model as LinkedIn where different memberships grant more access and benefits but come at a higher cost. This would appeal to all types of users and would assure not only a profit but also a large market share.

There are also other features that VisualCV has implemented into their website. One can check who has viewed their resume and can keep track of what employers they have sent it to. One can also network on the online community that VisualCV has established. Another benefit that VisualCV swears by is that once you create a resume on their website, you will be able to find it when one Googles the member’s name. Some additional options that VisualCV is considering to offer is background check certification and resume writing help. These additional benefits could also be a part of the premium membership meaning that only paying customers would be able to access these additional, valuable tools.

Visual CV also could see profits on its B2B side. They have created an online community that allows employers to be present on. Employers can recruit by searching through resumes of candidates that may not necessarily be looking for a job (these users are considered passive). Employers can also find potential employees by creating job openings and viewing resumes that are submitted by active job seekers. VisualCV could charge a joining fee to these employers who are interested in belonging to the website and in being able to partake in this growing social network. Visual CV has the potential to charge customers on both their B2B and B2C sides based on the added value they create.


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