Everything You Need To Know About VisualCV

Tatical Question 2

Question: Do users trust your site, your service, and your business? ( add in the web 2.0 technologies that one can us)

VisualCV is a highly secure website that its users trust with their personal information. One reason VisualCV is so trusted is due to the commitment made to its customers that states they “will never sell [ones] name, contact details or VisualCV to another organization”. One of their main goals is to “[earn] the trust of [their] members” because it is vitally important to them. They have set up firewall protection (shown by the McAfee Security seal at the bottom of the site’s homepage) and other tools to help stop hackers from obtaining and misusing or changing their clients personal information. They have also promised that they will not send spam e-mail and that emails will only be used for important information about ones account and other than that their customers shouldn’t expect their mailbox to be filled with e-mails from VisualCV. They have also made a commitment that if at any time these policies were to change, although unlikely, they will take the appropriate action to notify each one of their members.

Clients also put their trust in the services that are provided by VisualCV because of the partnerships they have with other major corporations. One of the advanatages of using VisualCV is that when you hover over an education institute or company, a box will appear with relevant and important information to educate the viewer about the institution. These boxes are filled by non-bias third parties including the Princeton Review, Standard and Poor Capital IQ, and Dow Jones VentureSource. Due to the fact that VisualCV has created partnerships with these three highly respected, well known companies, they are building a brand and a service that customers can trust and respect. One can assume that if these three companies didn’t believe in and trust the service of VisualCV they wouldn’t associate themselves with the company. In this aspect, VisualCV has won over customers because they comfortable with working with sites like the Princeton Review, allowing their trust to be carried over to the VisualCV site.

Furthermore, VisualCV began providing ad space for companies that want to advertise open jobs in their company on the VisualCV website. Mainstream companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, and KPMG have all used VisualCV has a hiring tool and have posted their brand on this website. The list of employers contains over a hundred companies, from corporations to local businesses) that are using Visual CV’s services. This attracts other businesses because it is easy to see that other companies are using and trusting the site. This will help sway customers to use this website because of the many corporations that already are. The more companies and job seekers that are using the website, the more trust others have when deciding whether to use the site.

Additionally, for customers who trust the sites services and business but are concerned with their personal information being on the web, VisualCV has created privacy settings that allow a customer to have complete control of their account. There are two public settings: one that shows a resume only to members and one that shows it to anyone using the internet. There is also a private setting that allows one to send their resume to others and otherwise it cannot be viewed. An offline status is offered, too, that does not allow a resume to be viewed for the time being. It will only be made available if you either send your resume to someone or until you put it back “online”. The option is also given to have more than one version of a resume so information that contains sensitive or personal information can be saved until it is sent to a job recruiter. A less detailed resume without personal information can be made searchable and viewable by whomever. The client has continuous control over the information that VisualCV has and what is displayed. There is also an option to cancel your membership where VisualCV states they will delete your file on the servers so if ever someone was to feel uncomfortable, they could delete themselves from the website. The amount of privacy and claims that VisualCV promises to its customers has given their website the respect and trust it needs to be successful.


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