Everything You Need To Know About VisualCV

Tatical Question 3

Question: Do you have a product or service that could complement an existing web services?

We believe that Visual CV could work as a portfolio to any other social networking profile that a member has. Although collaborating with social networks such as Twitter and Facebook is useful, we find that it would be most beneficial to compliment ones LinkedIn profile with a VisualCV account. Many LinkedIn users already have established social networks and are a part of online communities. Adding a link or posting one’s Visual CV resume on their LinkedIn profile will enhance their presence. LinkedIn already does an efficient job of “networking, searching for experts, and keeping in touch or reconnecting with colleagues, friends, and classmates but it does not offer one the multimedia capabilities of a Visual CV”. VisualCV resumes allow you to present work while portraying one’s personality (which can get lost through an online profile). One blogger made the comment that [he] thinks that VisualCV and LinkedIn go “together like peanut butter and jelly, spaghetti and meatballs, coffee and doughnuts”. Because of the collaboration between these two companies, it is now easy to link ones resume with their profile. One example is to list the link to your VisualCV under your name in your LinkedIn account, or link your profile URL to the multimedia column in ones resume.

This alliance can also help broaden ones LinkedIn network. Having a VisualCV makes you searchable on Google but it also makes you searchable on the VisualCV database. Aside from that, if you put your LinkedIn information into your VisualCV someone who views your resume can then make the connection to you on LinkedIn. Now, people in the workforce can use the leading professional networking website while also presenting themselves professionally and effectively through their online resume. Using both of these web 2.0 companies, job candidates can increase and strengthen their personal branding strategy and cross-promote themselves on both websites.

The founder of VisualCV has commented on the potential of collaborating ones VisualCV and LinkedIn together although there is no formal partnership between the two companies. In an interview he points out that LinkedIn is a great tool to find people on the internet but really it offers a profile similar to a resume that is dull and text based. He has found that many of his customers are using their LinkedIn for the connection aspect and online community atmosphere while depending on their VisualCV resume to portray the information that was once found in a text-based LinkedIn profile. He has also found that VisualCV gives a professional presence, unlike some of the newer social media tools where people are adding drunk pictures, throwing bananas, sending a drink, or whatever else is possible these days.


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